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About us

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 After-sales Service

CBFI believes that every little thing of the user is a major event of CBFI! Only by continuously improving the quality of after-sales service and creating a professional after-sales team in the first place, can we let our customers feel our considerate after-sales service concept and mechanism. CBFI has a comprehensive after-sales service network, strong technical foundation, and a large number of talent support, to ensure that customers can enjoy fast, efficient, quality after-sales service.

Service Concept
‘Business starts from service’ is an important part of the culture of CBFI. Guangzhou Bingyuan Refrigeration Co., Ltd. is a company that implements “Customer Satisfaction” and has five-star service in the cold room field.

‘Customer Satisfaction’ is a five-star service.



Guangzhou Bingyuan Refrigeration Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Bingyuan Refrigeration Co., Ltd

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