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Large Frozen Fish Cold Room in Zambia, Africa
The client is a well-known importer of fishery products in Zambia, building a low-temperature food freezer for the preservation of fishery products.


  The client company is a fishery export trading company that exports Chinese aquatic products to Lusaka. The customer has an expansion of the farming business, and the container freezer cannot meet the requirements of large-scale refrigerated seafood before use, so it is decided to build a large cold storage.


The project is located in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. The local temperature is high, which is not conducive to food preservation. The customer constructs a large freezer for frozen storage of fish meat, with a total volume of 4,500 cubic meters.


1. Considering the technical conditions in Africa in the design, the difficulty of equipment maintenance is simplified, so that local technicians can smoothly manage the operation of the cold storage.
2. Considering that the local market is not easy to purchase accessories, the spare parts package is specially configured for the customer, and the customer can replace the system wearing parts in time.


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