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What are the precautions for cold storage construction?
Release time:2019-06-12 13:55
There are many precautions for cold storage construction, and the requirements for cold storage construction are very high, for temperature. Humidity, sheet and equipment selection are strictly required. A good cold storage must be strictly controlled in all aspects to ensure that each link is correct. Below Kend to specifically talk about the construction of cold storage!
Cold storage temperature and humidity
1. Ambient temperature and humidity outside the cold storage: temperature is +35 ° C; relative humidity is 80%.
2. Set temperature in cold storage: fresh storage cold storage: +5 ~ -5 °C; cold storage cold storage: -5 ~ -20 ° C; low temperature cold storage: -25 ° C
3. Into the cold storage food temperature: L-class cold storage: +30 ° C; D-class, J-class cold storage: +15 ° C.
4. The effective volume of the stacked cold storage is about 69% of the nominal volume. When storing fruits and vegetables, multiply by the correction factor of 0.8.
5. The daily purchase volume is 8-10% of the effective volume of the cold storage.
Cold storage plate selection
The cold storage is generally made of spray-coated color steel plate as a panel, rigid polyurethane foam or high-density polystyrene as insulation material. The storage body has the characteristics of good rigidity, high strength, good heat insulation performance and flame retardancy. The small cold storage warehouse body generally adopts the eccentric hook connection or the on-site foaming and solidification of the embedded parts inside the slab wall, and the sealing property is convenient to assemble and disassemble, and the construction and installation on site is small, labor saving, good quality and quick effect. The small cold storage is equipped with advanced refrigeration unit, the storage capacity is matched with the refrigeration equipment, the cooling speed is fast, the energy saving is energy-saving, and all the automation operations are safe and reliable.
Cold storage unit selection
The cold storage is the preferred form of air-cooled unit. It is simple, compact, easy to install, easy to operate, and has fewer auxiliary equipment. This kind of refrigeration equipment is also easy to see. The chiller of the refrigeration unit is the heart of the refrigeration equipment. The common compression chillers are open, semi-closed and fully enclosed. The fully enclosed compressor is small in size, low in noise, low in power consumption, and energy efficient. It is the preferred model for small cold storage. Air-cooled refrigeration units consisting mainly of totally enclosed compressors can be made in the form of split air conditioners and mounted on the wall.
The design of the cold storage should be reasonable, and the refrigeration equipment should be reasonably selected.
The cold storage warehouse temperature is below 0 degrees (-16 degrees). The small assembly type cold storage requires 10# channel steel overhead on the ground (under the storage board) to make it naturally ventilated.
It is important that the refrigeration equipment of the cold storage project is properly configured. This is because the refrigeration unit with reasonable matching and reliable performance can meet the requirements of the cold storage capacity and the storage and refrigeration process required by the product, save energy and have low failure rate. Some enterprises and individuals who want to build cold storages are blindly pursuing low prices, ignoring whether the cold storage equipment configuration matching is reasonable, resulting in a cooling effect after use.
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