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Release time:2019-06-06 22:12
Guangzhou Bingyuan Refrigeration Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou IceSource Refrigeration Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Bingyuan Refrigeration Co., Ltd. (A affiliate company of Guangzhou Icesource Co., Ltd. which focused on cold room), based domestic and global oriented, is an international cold room solution service provider integrated development, design, production, construction, installation and after-sales service. CBFI professionally builds all kinds of medium and high-end cold room, focusing on food processing cold room, GMP-certified food and medicine cold room, auto-stereo cold room, large indoor ice and snow playground, large-scale integrated cold room, etc., widely used in food processing, medical, indoor ice and snow entertainment, food storage and other industries.
Guangzhou Bingyuan Refrigeration Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the cold storage industry for nearly ten years. CBFI has a strong technology and engineering construction team. We have strong equipment production and delivery capability, outstanding engineering construction capability, and more than 40 R&D teams with multiple middle and senior refrigeration engineers and electrical engineers. We also have close ties and deep cooperation with many authoritative design institutes in China. The company can provide customers with cold storage engineering project general contracting (EPC), providing full-process services from project conception, design, cost, equipment production, engineering installation, commissioning and delivery, technical training, after-sales service and operational data monitoring. Bingyuan Refrigeration continuously serves high-end customers in the cold chain industry in Europe and America. It has accumulated and absorbed many advanced foreign cold storage engineering experiences, and has advanced cold storage design concepts and rich engineering delivery experience.

Guangzhou Bingyuan Refrigeration Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Bingyuan Refrigeration Co., Ltd

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