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Heshi Aquatic Auto Pallet Cold Storage
Guangdong Heshi Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating freshwater fish farming, research and development, acquisition, holding, logistics and distribution. It is a leading fishery enterprise in Guangdong Province.
The project is the aquatic product cold storage project, the main body of the project is divided into three warehouses, low-temperature automatic freezer, fresh-keeping warehouse and shipping platform, with a total storage capacity of about 1,000 tons. The low temperature automatic freezing library is -25 °C, and the goods are imported and exported automatically.


     Founded in 1995, Guangdong Heshi Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating freshwater fish farming, research and development, acquisition, holding, logistics and distribution. The main aquatic products of them include mandarin fish, squid, yellowhead catfish, Chinese longsnout catfish, raw fish and other varieties. It has a quality testing center, grading screening, circulating water treatment, low temperature holding, and automated packaging production workshop. Through “company + farmers” pattern, more than 18,000 upstream cooperative farmers were driven, and the area of ​​aquaculture was more than 30,000 mu. Equipped with systematic transportation oxygen supply equipment and large cold chain fleet, the sales network covers more than 50 cities in 25 provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Kunming, Chengdu and Changsha, driving more than 1,000 dealers downstream. More than 200 aquatic products wholesale markets and more than 600 supermarkets and communities have driven more than 60,000 tons of transactions each year, driving the output value to exceed 2 billion RMB.
In the industry, the company independently developed the world's leading third-generation high-efficiency, energy-saving and intensive "live fish low-temperature holding, pure oxygen cold chain distribution" technology, successfully breaking through the long-lived cold chain transportation of live fish for more than 50 hours. Up to 99% of high technology. Through the low-temperature cold chain distribution of live fish, the transportation cost is reduced by 75%, and the characteristics of "fresh, fast, wide", to achieve the South Fish North, covering the country's 3,000-kilometer economic circle.

1. The refrigeration unit adopts Frascold low-temperature screw parallel refrigeration unit, which has the advantages of high cooling efficiency, low noise, few parts and light weight, which is convenient for flexible installation and maintenance, reliable operation, fast cooling, energy saving and environmental protection, and low failure rate. The refrigeration unit is the heart component of the cold storage. Its excellent stability is the key to achieving good cooling performance and maintaining good operating conditions.
2. The construction of the warehouse body strictly implements the relevant standards of GB/T20219-2006 for rigid Junan finger foam materials for building insulation. Based on the high requirements for thermal insulation performance, the five sides of the library (top + four sides) are currently on the market. Polyurethane insulation materials with very good thermal insulation properties, all parts that pass through the storage body are treated with anti-cold bridges.
3. The electric heating and defrosting operation is convenient, and the automatic control melts the frost on the surface of the chiller by the heat of the electric heating element, so that the moving part can smoothly run, and the corresponding part is preheated for a short time, and the improvement is improved by improving it. The working environment can achieve the purpose of melting frost.



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