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Indoor Ice and Snow Entertainment--LEHOMES SNOW Ice Kingdom
LEHOMES SNOW Ice Kingdom is the first large indoor ice and snow family amusement attraction brand under Leman Culture and Entertainment. LEHOMES SNOW Ice Kingdom of Jiangmen Wanda Plaza is the first flagship store in the country, covering an area of 4,000 square meters. The theme of the European Snow Fairy Tale Town brings a dreamy ice and snow journey to every visitor.
CBFI is a strategic partner of Guangzhou Leman Culture and Entertainment. It has carefully built the LEHOMES SNOW Ice Kingdom of Jiangmen Wanda Plaza in Guangdong and the Hantian Lefeng Ice and Snow World of Fujian Putian. The large refrigeration and insulation system of Guangzhou Ice Source Refrigeration Design and Construction is The most important guarantee of this beautiful ice and snow world.


       LEHOMES SNOW creative combines ice and snow sports and entertainment, combined with the top cooling and snow technology of CBFI, super energy-saving and environmental protection, super-realistic reduction of ice and snow environment to create an outdoor ice kingdom that can land at any time and any place.
The park is based on the iconic landscape of the “LEHOMES SNOW Ice Kingdom” and the seven ethnic groups in the world view of LEHOMES SNOW Brand. The real ice and snow amusement is the core highlight, the three-dimensional combination of features, and the integration of the new concept culture entertainment experience center. Fully satisfy consumers' imagination and expectation of playing the dream ice world; create a dreamy ice and snow country with a height of ≥8m and an area of ≥2000m2.


The project covers an area of over 4,000 square meters and will become the city's largest real ice and snow attraction after its opening. With the current world-class, exclusive custom ice and snow manufacturing equipment, the patented temperature control system developed by ourselves ensures that no matter when, more people, less, and the temperature of the game is always maintained at -5 °C, the top domestic craft team is fully polished for 30 days. Art ice and snow sculptures, even all ice and snow are made of pure water.


1. Provide professional and complete one-stop service from project planning and design, construction and construction to post-operational training;
2. There are many applicable scenarios, such as shopping mall plaza, tourist scenic spot, cultural travel town, municipal park, gymnasium and other places;
3, not subject to seasonal, regional and other restrictions, so that consumers can experience the fun of ice and snow anytime, anywhere;
4, patented technology, short construction period, easy to install and disassemble, safe, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, air and ice and snow quality controllable.



Ice Castle

Ice Bar

Ice Slide

Snow Slide

Ice Bumper Car

Snow Handcart

Playing Crowds

Ice Carousel

Eskimo Igloo
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